Balls and Seats API 11ax

Ball and seat assemblies will be additionally inspected according to the following:
1, Ball and seat assemblies will be vacuum tested 100%, with dry sealing surfaces, at 19in.Hg miniumu vacuum with no leakage for a minimum of 3 seconeds after vacuum source is isolated. 
2, Ball hardness will be certified with a certification accompanying each lot of material. 

Pump materials for Balls and Seats
Symbol Description Hardness Material
A1 Stainless Steel Ball:HRC58-65 UNS 41000-UNS44000
B1 Cobalt Alloy,Cast Ball:HRC56-63 Cobalt,chromium,and 
Seat:HRC50-56 tungsten alloy
B2 Cobalt Alloy, Powder Ball:HRC53-60 Cobalt,chromium,and 
Metal Seat:HRC51-57 tungsten alloy
C1 Tungsten Carbide Ball: HRA88-89 tungsten with Cobalt
Seat:HRA88-89.5 binder
C2 Nickel Carbide Ball:HRA89-90.5 Tungsten with Nickel
Seat:HRA87.5-89 binder
C3 Titanium Carbide Ball:HRA89-90.5 Tungsten and tianium
Seat:HRA89-90.5 carbide with cobalt

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